Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tipsy turtle was formed six years ago to put an name on a group of morals I believed in. The name itself is kind of funny story. The Tipsy part started off as a ironic joke because for a while I lived a straight edge lifestyle. The turtle part came while driving my s14 on a back road one day. My friend Doug pointed out that I almost hit a giant turtle on the side of the road. In mid laughter and awe we some how started saying Tipsy Turtle. After that Doug and I started making TT stickers to rock on our cars. Overtime this inside joke developed into a crew. People were invited into this crew that believed in the same morals most of which were close friends. Fast forward to today, somewhere overtime the founding morals of TT has been forgotten. I plan on reforming Tipsy Turtle's identity and rebuilding it to what it use to stand for. The "crew" part of TT is now officially OVER with and disbanded. I have nothing but respect for the now former members. As a brand though Tipsy Turtle is still active, alive, and ready to grow. The following months are going to be extremely exciting with big plans already motion. TT will NOW be the source of car, art, craft beer, and food lifestyle using graphic design, photography, and videography to get the message across. This page will still be used in this new rebranding but also keep a close eye on Cheers, -Rob TT Founder

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